• Nov 27 '18

    Autotip 3.0

    - Fixed stats tracking where possible (see forum post)
    - Fixed issue where other players wouldn't get tipped
    - Fixed issue with tipping offline players
    - Fixed the way stats are stored and loaded
    - Added date lookup: /autotip stats d/m/yyyy
    - Added range lookup: /autotip stats d/m/yyyy-d/m/yyyy
    - Added Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 support

  • Feb 10 '17

    Server-side changes v1

    - Disabled players under level 15 recieving tips from other autotip users. Read why
    - Added techniques to more accuratly determine if player is online or not
    - Optimizations with backend API load times + hardware use

  • Jan 22 '17

    Autotip 2.0.3

    - Fixed wrong tip count since tip XP changed 2 months ago
    - Minecraft Forge 1.11 and 1.11.2 support
    - Slightly better performance when using /autotip stats
    - Other bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Nov 27 '16

    Autotip 2.0.2

    - Fixed issue with Autotip folder not being created
    - Fixed crashes on startup caused by empty .at files
    - Fixed 'playing on Hypixel' detection not working
    - Other bug fixes and stability improvements
    - Added changelogs and update severity levels

  • Sept 25 '16

    Autotip 2.0(.1)

    - New developer: Semx11 (instead of 2Pi)
    - Click here to see the changelog + images.

  • Aug 1 '16

    Autotip 1.4.1

    - Removes new tipping error message
    - /limbo - puts player in limbo instantly for afking
    - Removed /autotip anon since tipping anonymously doesn't exist
    - Bug fixes

  • June 27 '16

    Autotip 1.4

    - Updated to new tipping format
    - Runs /tipall at first, and if a gamemode does not have a booster, /tips another online Autotip user
    This means that you may receive tips from other Autotip users, getting you even more xp!
    Learn more here

  • June 25 '16

    Autotip 1.3

    - Reworked how everything looks
    - Tipper isn't as thread-heavy, so it doesn't uses less memory
    - /autotip stats saves on close of Minecraft, and can do time interval stats (eg /autotip stats day, week, month, year, lifetime)
    - Cleaned up a ton of code + optimizations
    - Added /autotip time which shows when the next wave of tips will come
    - Updated to Minecraft Forge 1.10